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Gamescom 2013 : The three most popular games

How we miss being at Gamescom 2013 at Cologne 🙁  Here we are with the three most popular games among the game journalists are discussing amid the chaos of the world’s biggest gaming event. So here’s the list: 1) TitanFall I am a big fan of Pacific rim and Transformers so it did not come as a surprise that I am eagerly waiting for this action packed game.  The addition of a rocket powered double jump, the ability to run along walls, and of course, the inclusion of personal Titan mechs, all add up to a thrilling and frenetic FPS experience. Oh, and the application of story mechanics to the multiplayer experience is really cleverly handled. 2) Dead Rising 3 Well all of you did love the trailer so did I 🙂 This one looks to be one entertaining game. The Smart Glass integration which...

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