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Agents of Mayhem Gets A Hilarious Sex Tape Leaked On YouPorn (NSFW)

A video game sex tape? That’s not something you get to hear everyday. But apparently, that seems to be the case for Volition and Deep Silver’s upcoming game Agents of Mayhem. Titled “Deep Under the Covers”, the sex tape was uploaded to YouPorn and shows Gregory Prickington, Ivana Bangya and Marcus Thunderpump in somewhat questionable positions. It’s not exactly NSFW per se, but you know, better safe than sorry. You can watch the video below: And that’s not all. MAYHEM has issued an official statement as well: “It has come to our attention that Hollywood, aka Rod Stone, is rumored to be connected to a provocative film of questionable taste, and on a completely unrelated topic, probably has no chance of winning a coveted AVN Award. We are taking this time ...

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