Titan X price

NVIDIA Reveals New, All Powerful Titan X

Though it hasn’t been long since NVIDIA launched the GTX 1080, they’re here with a new kid on the block – the Titan X, claimed to be twice as powerful as its previous model, and quite expensive. Source: Geforce.com  The new Titan X will feature the same Pascal architecture as the 10 series, and will cost about USD 1200, which is almost twice the cost of the GTX 1080 (talk about absurd). Compared to the previous Titan X which had 3072 CUDA cores and 6 teraflops of performance speed, the new Titan X boasts of 3584 CUDA cores and 11 teraflops. Not surprisingly, with 12 GB DDR5X memory, this card will offer premium next gen VR experience, run all your games in 4k. In short, the new Titan X is a beast (bordering on overkill, really). The complete specifications can be found he...

NVIDIA Day Celebrations Gear Up Mumbai Round Up

The last and final of the NVIDIA Day celebrations took place in Mumbai’s Gear Up Cafe in Powai. This event concluded the NVIDIA Day celebrations that took place in major cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. Much like the crowd at at PlayMax, people showed up much before the time allotted to them. For this particular event we invited individuals to play a series of games and accomplish tasks within those games to complete a checklist. Gamers came in a bit confused as to what a casual tournament would entail, but they got better acquainted with the idea as the event went along. So the games we had showcased for this event were Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress and War Thunder. Most of the gamers hadn’t really played a majority of the assigned games, hence making this event a way for them to d...

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