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Legendary Pokémon finally hit Pokémon GO

In celebration of Pokémon GO’s one-year anniversary, Niantic and The Pokémon Company International have revealed that Legendary Pokémon will begin to soar into the real world soon. A new Pokémon GO trailer offers a glimpse at the way Trainers will cooperate with one another to discover, battle, and catch elusive and extremely powerful Legendary Pokémon. Once in the wild, Trainers can search for unique Legendary Eggs at Gym locations around the world. Players can team up with friends and other Trainers to join a Legendary Raid Battle to defeat the Legendary Pokémon and earn a chance to catch it. The battle against the first Legendary Pokémon will require teamwork from millions of Trainers around the world in order to be revealed at Pokémon GO Fest Chicago at Grant Park on July 22. Trainers ...

Pokémon GO Plus Delayed

In a recent Twitter post, Nintendo announced that there will a delay in the launch of Pokémon Go Plus – an accessory that allows people to play Pokémon GO without having to constantly look at their phones’ screens, making it much more convenient and safer in public. Originally, Pokémon GO Plus was supposed to launch by the end of July. But no explanation has been provided by the company regarding the delay. The #PokemonGO Plus accessory will arrive in Sept. instead of the originally expected end of July. Thanks for your patience, Trainers! — Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) July 27, 2016 Pokémon GO Plus can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to walk around and catch Pokémon without having to look at your phone’s screen repeatedly. When a Pokémon pops up...

Nintendo’s Pokémon GO High Over?

After Nintendo stated last week that the financial impact of Pokémon GO will be limited, the company’s shares have plunged by about 17%, dissipating about USD 6.3 billion in market value. As per exchange movement rules in Japan, the greatest amount by which a company can fall is 18 %. While everyone immediately thinks of Nintendo when Pokémon is concerned, the company only has a 13% stake in Pokémon GO. It will be The Pokemon Company and developer Niantic who will reap most of the profits from the game’s storming success.  In a press release, Nintendo announced that they will not make any revisions to the annual forecast based on the game as it will have a limited financial impact. However, they have already taken into account the Pokémon GO Plus, which is indeed being develope...

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