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Spider-Man Miles Morales Becomes Sony’s 3rd Biggest Title

The Spider-Man establishment has been one of the most widely praised console special features ever. Before the send off of the primary Spider-Man game, the Arkham games were viewed as the best games in the hero games kind. Bug Man destroyed the Arkham games from the platform, and it has made a few huge headways in the class. Whenever the PlayStation 5 was sent off, many accepted that we would get another Spider-Man game alongside the control center. While that occurred, it was not totally the thing fans were expecting, as the new title was not an undeniable spin-off. All things considered, Spider-Man Miles Morales was an independent extension offering a short encounter. Notwithstanding that, it has figured out how to do very well as indicated by a new report. Spider-Man Miles Morales is cu...

Spider Man For PS4 Gets A New Story Trailer

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Marvel’s Spiderman looks good. And it has certainly raised fans’ expectations since its E3 gameplay reveal. At the Paris Games Week, Sony unveiled a new trailer for the title, focusing on the story and characters. The short video doesn’t reveal much in terms of gameplay, but we can see people having similar complaints as they did with the previous trailers, it seems to make heavy use of quick time events. However, considering that this is mainly a montage of cut scenes, we’d be wrong to jump to conclusions. The trailer shows various allies and enemies you’ll encounter, as both Peter Parker and Spider Man. Following the recent Spider Man movie, this comes as a fresh change as the game doesn’t seem to be an adaptation or a stupid...

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