Gotta Shine A Little Brighter: Rise And Shine Review

Gorgeous artwork,  a wonderful score, and a brutal world, Rise and Shine promises so much more but ultimately falls short. Developed by Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (That’s a mouthful) and published by Adult Swim, Rise and Shine was released in January 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game tells a tale of a video game world where characters know they are in a game and are controlled by a “guide”. The game follows the story of an eleven-year-old known as Rise who is chosen to be the carrier of the sacred talking gun known as Shine to save his planet Gamearth from the Space Grunts of the planet Nexgen. The art style and artwork of the game is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful backgrounds that feature cameos and references to many famous games of the pas...

Can Ya Dig It, Sucka?! A Shovel Knight Review

An ode to the games of yesteryear, a beautiful love letter to 2D platforming genre and a mesmerizing 8-bit masterpiece that was made possible with the help of a community willing to take a risk. The game I’m talking about is the amazing “Shovel Knight”. The game that shines amongst its peers and makes it as one of the best 8-bit 2D platformers to have come out in recent times. Shovel Knight is a kickstarted 2D platformer with 8-bit visuals developed by Yacht Club Games. It took the gaming industry by surprise, because nobody expected it to do what it did; it provided a very solid gaming experience all-around. Taking inspiration from the best games of the NES era like Zelda II, Duck Tales, and Castlevania. Shovel Knight bundles these together to make a masterpiece that pays homage to its pr...

The HD Remake Of A Game That Never Existed: ReCore Review

Think of Super Mario 64 and all the character driven platformers it inspired. Think of Mega Man and how it made your childhood so fun. It’s always fun to jump and dash around a place, not giving a single care about the laws of physics, isn’t it? Now combine all that fun with adorable robot companions that come with infinite customization possibilities, and you may begin to understand what makes ReCore such a great game. The game starts in quite a beautiful manner, handing you the control of a girl named Joule Adams, the lone woman on a seemingly deserted desert planet of Far Eden. Along with her trusty robot dog Mack, she is on a quest to solve the big mystery behind what rendered Far Eden so desolate. The gorgeous surroundings comprising of cliffs, sand and wrecked terraformin...

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