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Overwatch Year of the Rooster Event Goes Live, Brings Nerfs To D.Va and Ana

Revealed recently, the Year of the Rooster event is now live in Overwatch, and with it, the new wave of changes and fixes. Here’s what all you can expect: In addition to a horde of character skins, cosmetics, victory poses and highlight intros, there is a new mode called Capture the Rooster, a tweaked version of the age-old Capture the Flag mode. The update also bring the balance changes previously in PTR – the long awaited Hook 2.0 (sorry Roadhog), major nerfs to Ana and D.Va, and a teeny-tiny buff to Sombra. Starting off with D.Va, the hottie-drive MEKA’s health is still the same (600), but now only 200 of it is now armour, dropping from the initial 400. Her guns have also been nerfed, now dealing only 2 damage per bullet, but the bullet shots have been increased from 8...

New Overwatch Skins Leaked By Ad?

The next Overwatch event celebrating the Year of the Rooster begins in a couple of days, and till now we’ve only seen two skins, one each for Mei and D.Va. However, a Chinese ad may have leaked the event-limited skins for four more characters. If the ad is to be believed, these four skins are inspired by the Chinese folktale Journey to the West. Apparently, the text translates to “”Journey to the West limited skins. Year of the Rooster, free trial: January 24 – January 31.” The image was posted by Reddit user hythl0day, according to whom a Chinese player “accidentally found an ad about the ‘free week’ event of OW in China. The story inspiring the skins has seen a number of adaptations, including those in Dragon Ball and Enslaved: Odyssey to t...

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