nex machina review

Rage Against The Machine – Nex Machina Reivew

I didn’t know what exactly to expect when I first booted up Nex Machina. All I had heard of was Housemarque’s pedigree with twin stick shooters, and that was it. Fifteen minutes later, my hands were sweaty and shaking with excitement after having ran through the first area and beating the first boss. The music, the visuals, the fast-fluid twin stick controls, and the immensely frantic nature of the game had gotten its hooks in me. You’re put right into the action 10 seconds after you hit go, and from then on you go from one level to the next clearing out waves of enemies while trying to get as many powerups as you can. There’s very little story told in the game itself, but here’s what I read in the official description –  Machines want humans dead. You’re here to rage against the mac...

Have You Met: Nex Machina – Death Machine

It’s time for the machine overlords to finally meet their match! Here’s our review/impressions of Nex Machina – Death Machine, the new twin stick shooter by Housemarque.   Are you tired of being alone and lonely? Do you stay up late at night, in bed looking up at the ceiling? Fear not! We’re here to hook you up! With Video Games!! Welcome to “Have You Met”, where we check out new and interesting games, and give our opinions about them. Yeah, we’re lonely too.. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

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