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Gamers, geeks, cosplayers unite at Comic Con Delhi 2016. Here are the highlights from Comic Con Delhi 2016. Find more on our Website:: Be sure to follow us all over social media. We love attention! YouTube:: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Edited by: Nikhill Arthur Michigan Music: Lost Under Heaven – I&I

Are Nerds More Attracted Towards Virtual Personas?

It’s that day of the year when all the dudes (made up of imbecilic youngsters who are above BPL population) around the world are under immense mental pressure and adrenaline rush. It’s not their exam day, nor is it the D day for their football try out. It’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the specifics of all the charades they have to put up in these testing times. Each year they are pushed to their limits in terms of emotional intelligence, expression, creativity, and innovation. And not to mention it is the time of the year when they make the best use of their grey matter to optimize financial expenditure that can yield utmost productivity. Other than the dudes and their gals, there is a massive engagement of corporations that are more than happy to suck the greener...

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