Moorhuhn Remake

Moorhuhn Remake – Review

Open Season! Moorhuhn Remake is a simple game to pick up without too much to worry about other than your time. It pulled me in by its analogy to my childhood hit Duck Hunt, while at the same time providing something new entirely. Does this little game make for a good fit on the Nintendo Switch though? How does it perform and is it anywhere close to the legendary hunting experience I remember from so many winters ago? “What is this game?” Let me start off by saying, chickens are not meant to fly. Period. To think of downing flying chickens is, at the least surreal, at worst brutal – something Moorhuhn Remake never gets though! It is by far one of the most child-friendly shooters I have ever played, and in that respect, it does pay homage to Duck Hunt. Yes, there are flying birds going aroun...

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