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MGS V to be Bundled With Nvidia GPUs

Nvidia is the replacing Batman Arkham Knight bundle with Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain. Nvidia bundles The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight with the GTX 970 and 980. But they have apparently decided to let go of Arkham Knight because of the massive disappointment that the PC port was. They have not announced this, but Newegg leaked it accidentally. Afterwards, a Newegg spokesman said “Hi everyone! We had a little slip up and posted this deal ahead of schedule. It is not currently available, but stay tuned, it will be soon!” MGS V The Phantom Pain comes out in two months, and is readily anticipated by fans, while Batman: Arkham Knight is still plagued with numerous issues and is still off of the shelves. Rocksteady and WB are fixing the PC version, with a patch co...

Easter Egg in Ground Zeroes Sheds Light on Kojima-Konami Split

GamesRadar‘s Leon Hurley discovered an Easter egg in the PS3/4 (timed) exclusive mission Déjà Vu, and it’s rather unsettling: in it, you erase games directed by Kojima himself with your UV light (and only those: games not directed by him are unaffected) and then a message, seemingly by Kojima himself, plays. You can see a somewhat condensed run-through of the easter egg bit below: (note the classic Snake model from Metal Gear Solid) (video courtesy of timesplitter88)   This puts a rather interesting take on the whole Kojima-Konami split, mainly that Kojima knew that it’s going to get ugly and tried to get the word out. The fact that it was in the Déjà Vu mission, which was marketed to fans of the franchise (it was released on PS3/4 first and was a timed exclusive to ...

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