In Conversation With the Managing Director of MediaTek, Anku Jain

Anku Jain is presently the Managing Director of MediaTek India. He is heading MediaTek’s pan India operations with offices in Noida, Bangalore and Mumbai. He is also responsible for heading multiple R&D business units in Noida in addition to Indian Govt relations. MediaTek Inc. is a leading Taiwan-based global fabless semiconductor company that powers more than 1.5 billion devices a year and is a leader in developing innovative systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT products. Anku’s authenticity, analytical bent of mine, deep dive approach and the highest level of integrity has won him numerous accolades whilst creating and growing MediaTek’s business in India. With experience spanning over 25 years, he has been focused on building stro...

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