Infamous: Second Son Tips

How to play Infamous: Second Son like a pro

While it resembles its predecessors a fair bit, Infamous: Second Son does do a few things differently than them. The game now has an all new lead character in Delsin Rowe, a Native American graffiti artist & troublemaker whose ability is to absorb the powersets of other super-powered people called Conduits. He gets a total of four powersets in the game to use against the Department of Unified Protection, the agency that’s rounding up people with superpowers. Finding ways to use those powers in conjunction with the environment is the key to success in Infamous: Second Son. We’ve compiled a list of how you can be a more super superhero & play Infamous: Second Son like a pro  😉 5. Switch things up Yeah, I know it sounds obvious. But some of the powersets feel so good that ...

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