Viewing Torrent Websites Will Not Land You In Jail, Yet

There’s been quite the uproar on the internet lately because of Torrents. Governments are taking down big websites, and recent news had folks in a panic after some Torrent websites were blocked with a notification saying that one could be imprisoned for up to 3 years, with a fine of Rs. 3,00,000 for accessing these blocked websites. This led people to believe that if they had used a VPN or similar alternatives to access these blocked sites, they could land in prison, and find themselves short of Rs. 3,00,000. As it turns out, that’s not exactly the case. Prasanth Sugathan, Counsel at the Software Freedom Law Centre India, a registered society that works on the intersections of law and technology told NDTV the following: “Visiting any website, even if it is a blocked site ...

Valve Sends C&D Notice to Gambling Sites

Valve has started taking actions against the numerous skin/cosmetics betting sites, in the wake of the recent CS:GO betting scandal, where two YouTubers were streaming their own betting process on one such site, while withholding the fact that they owned the site themselves, which led to speculation that these bets were somehow rigged in their favour. Further investigation in this case revealed it to be true. Valve had been getting heat in the recent past when one Counter Strike: Global Offensive player sued the company, allegedly blaming them for profiting from global gambling marketplace. Valve had been accused of allowing an “illegal online gambling” platform to sustain and propagate around the popular game. As the lawsuit says, “Valve Corporation knowingly allowed ...

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