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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is getting an exclusive VR Version

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most widely praised and top rated games ever. To think about a benchmark in the open world space, many fans are invigorated for the chance to get back to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas when it re-discharges in two or three weeks as a feature of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy. In any case, that will not be the main new way that fans will encounter Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Oculus has affirmed that a computer generated simulation form of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is being developed for Oculus Quest 2. There’s no ongoing interaction film or different designers accessible at the hour of this composition, yet it was affirmed that this Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR project has been being developed for quite a long time. Obviously, it wil...

GTA 5 Teases New Images For Liberty City Mod

A few months ago, the creators of GTA’s OpenIV modding tool revealed that they were working to bring Liberty City to GTA V. The city, as it appeared in GTA IV will exist alongside Los Santos and will only be a short plane ride away. The team behind the mod looks forward to a possible spring/summer release and has revealed new screenshots. You can check these out below. Feature image source Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

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