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Hilarious Gaming Bugs Compilation

We know all too well that making a game is not an easy job at all.You have millions of dollars invested, you have your experienced teams and still you somehow find a glitch here and there. The fact will remain that just about every game will have a bug or two in it, no matter how thoroughly it has been tested for quality control. You find a whole lot more bugs these days because of the type of games that are releasing these days. Open world games are gaining popularity and are a lot more difficult to test than linear. Sometimes bugs can be taken light heartedly and usually are forgotten. But when there are too many of them that leave the players quite upset and frustrated. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity would be perfect example for this. A large number of fans were left feeling cheated d...

5 Funny Gaming Glitches of 2013

Here is a list of glitches of 2013. Some are incredibly funny, while some showcase the downside of an industry too focused on release dates. Lets check them out. Dancing Torture – Battlefield 4 In the latest addition to the war game connoisseurs’ favourite game, war is hell. It’s the closest thing any of our generation of gamers will get to actual open warfare, and the franchise thrives on the so-called authenticity that makes it stand out against long-time rival Call Of Duty, and there’s no way EA would ever be caught making glitchy Battlefield games that are both comical and horrifying. Battlefield 4 was probably the most glitchy of all Battlefield titles in the early days (especially in the open beta) and it became obvious that one of the most devastating weapons in the entire game was ...

Call of Duty: Ghosts Players Get Trolled

The Xbox One has no shortage of compelling features packed into that black obelisk of a console. Most notable is the Kinect voice command integration for navigating the consoles various menus. When you tell your Xbox One to ‘snap to’, ‘stop listening’, or, in the case of this video, ‘sign out’ you really get to see what the console is capable of. Watch as some unsuspecting Call of Duty: Ghosts players get trolled hard when one clever player exploits the Xbox One’s voice commands. Pretty clever.

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