Eric Nylund

Spotted: Halo – The Fall of Reach Animated Series Trailer

Halo: The Fall of Reach is getting a new animated series. This is the third time this story is getting told, first as a book by Eric Nylund, second as three four-issue comic book series published by Marvel, and now the animated series. The meat of the book takes place in the times before the original trilogy and concerns the pre-war human empire, the murky past of SPARTAN program and origins of Master Chief. The series has a very strong plot (I read the book and the comic. What? I was 15 and a huge Halo fan) and handles delicate topics like the morality during wars and the amount of war atrocities a government can get away with during war times, and we expect the series to be as good as it’s predecessor, Halo Legends. Halo Legends is an awesome watch by the way, boasting talent like ...

Halo & Gears of war writer moves to amazon

“But I wouldn’t be there unless something cool was brewing.” Writer of Gears of War and Halo: Reach, Eric Nylund has recently disclosed that he has taken up a new job as Director of Narrative Design at Amazon Game Studios. Nylund had earlier left Microsoft Games in July, and had not mentioned anything about a new job until a facebook posting revealed a business card with Amazon Game Studios printed on the front. “I can’t talk about specifics,” Nylund said. “But I wouldn’t be there unless something cool was brewing.” It’s hard to make out where exactly Amazon Game Studio is headed as they do not have games which rank alongside Halo and Gears of War franchise. It’s going to be quite interesting to watch how Nylund takes it from here, whet...

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