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Deep Rock Galactic Launches of February 28 For Xbox One & PC

Deep Rock Galactic enforcers Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games are calling on all dwarves across the globe to join the Deep Rock initiative in its widest recruitment drive yet! Starting on February 28, 2018, any hardy dwarf with a taste for adventure and a proficiency in firearms can join their most ambitious mining operation to date when Deep Rock Galactic lands on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. Enlisted dwarves will be paired with up to three like-minded brethren and sent on missions to the most hostile planet ever discovered, Hoxxes IV, to mine precious gems and metals. Cooperation is essential to your success and, as an interplanetary mining conglomerate, Deep Rock Galactic depends on its employees to take care of each other. Players take up arms as one of four cl...

Deep Rock Galactic To Come To Xbox One As Console Launch Exclusive

Hello Miners! We were live in Microsoft’s E3 press conference for Xbox! And yes, that is right, this means Deep Rock Galactic is now officially coming in Game Preview as an “Xbox Play Anywhere” title for Xbox One & Windows 10 Store. What does this mean for Deep Rock Galactic? • The game is set to release in Steam Early Access on Steam & in Game Preview on Xbox One & Windows 10 store in early 2018 • Update 4 for Closed Alpha has been a bit delayed (due to the creation of the E3 reveal trailer), but it is almost ready. • Closed Alpha is still running for the Steam platform. • The new Deep Rock Galactic landing page is now live! Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

E3 2017 Highlights: Microsoft Press Conference

With so many expectations for Project Scorpio and people watching to see how Microsoft plan on going toe to toe with Sony again, Microsoft did not disappoint. Their whole conference was packed from start to end and they had a lot of things to announce. So here are the highlights from the Microsoft Press Conference. Xbox One X Project Scorpio finally got revealed it is called Xbox One X. They released a world premiere trailer alongside a bunch of impressive details about it. The Release date of One X is 7th November 2017 and it’ll cost $499.  They also announced backward compatibility for the original Xbox titles and that over 40 pre-existing titles will get the One X update to support 4k. Forza Motorsport 7 Microsoft showcased Forza Motorsport 7 on the newly released Xbox One X and i...

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