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Top 10 Mobile Games Of The Month – April 2017

The Google Play Store and the iOS App Store have thousands of great games for your smartphones. The sheer number can be mind-boggling. What’s a avid smartphone gamer like you supposed to do? Worry not, for we have the best smartphone games (a whole 10 of them) to scratch your itch! Without further ado, here are the top 10 mobile games of April 2017. Atomic Super Lander Platforms: Android, iOS The doomsday is upon us. The Earth is about to be bombarded by an asteroid supercluster! It’s time to cram all able-bodied persons to rockets and fire them blindly into space in a desperate fight for mankind’s survival! Crash of Cars Platforms: Android, iOS Welcome to Crash of Cars, a REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER game where your goal is to collect as many crowns as possible before getting destroyed. Co...

Here Are Some Of The Best Upcoming Indie Games of 2016

Summer is upon us, and with it, releases for numerous indie games. To make sure you get the best gaming experience, we have prepared a list of the best upcoming titles of summer 2016. Inside Coming to Xbox One on June 29th and Steam on July 7, Inside is the much awaited title from Playdead, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Limbo. The game is a puzzle platformer adventure, thematically and visually similar to Limbo, where the player controls a young boy in an eerie, nearly monochromatic landscape, solving environmental puzzles while avoiding the death of the character. Breached A sci-fi story set in the year 2245, Breached is a survival mystery where you have been urgently awakened from hibernation, surrounded by a barren desert, with limited oxygen supply. Explore, scavenge f...

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