Crysis 4 Rumors Suggest An Open World Prequel, Will Be A Significant Step Up In Graphics

Ever since Crysis 3 was released, the core Crytek studio has slowly devolved into a husk of its former self. Now primarily working as an Engine company, while releasing the occasional video game once every few years, Crytek has been mostly quiet about any more games in the Crysis franchise. However, rumors are slowly emerging about a new Crysis game, an open world prequel that will be a return to form for both the franchise and the studio. Speaking in an interview, Cevat Yerli, the CEO of Crytek had said. “It’s too early to really talk about it, because we don’t know yet. With Crysis 1, 2, and 3, we knew roughly. So even after Crysis 1, we knew what the next one’s could be – the different options of where we could take it. We stayed true to that. The technology and the storyline and ...

Top 10 Biggest Video Game Franchises That Are Being Wasted Right Now

Gamers frequently complain about developers and publishers overdoing it with hastily released sequels. On the other hand, sometimes there are sequels that are never released and players are left hanging on to the events from the end of a previous game. And then there’s the third kind – games that take forever to develop, build up a ton of hype, but fall flat upon release. Today we are talking about some of the biggest video game franchises that are being wasted right now in one way or the other – Who has a goldmine of classic characters, games, or ideas that have just sat and collected dust, when they should still be used today? Is there one IP in particular that has no business being ignored in today’s culture of gaming? Or are there franchises that need to take a ...

Top 10 Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Times

Technological advancements have revolutionized the gaming world. With high-fidelity graphics, motion capture, ultra-high resolutions and extremely detailed gameplay, video games have come a long way. But there are some noteworthy titles, which pushed the limits like no other (back in their day), paving a way for our favourite games as we know them today. Here’s our pick of the top 10 of those games, which were way ahead of their times. Wolfenstein 3D (MS-DOS PC, 1992) There’s no need for introductions here. More lovingly known as Wolf 3D, this was the reason behind the mainstream popularity and commercial success of the FPS genre, thanks to its fast paced action and impressive graphics. It makes extensive use of ray casting, in which only the surfaces visible to the player were...

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