Check Out Jenna Lynn Meowri’s Stunning Cosplays

Cosplays are amazing, and so are the cosplayers who spend weeks and months trying to bring our favourite fictional characters to life. This time we’re bringing you the works of an incredible cosplayer, Jenna Lynn Meowri. Her cosplays are a pure joy to behold, not to mention insanely hot. Check some of them out below: Follow Jenna on her social media pages to stay up to date with her impressive works. Facebook Instagram Twitter Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

This Life Is Strange Cosplay Is The Best We’ve Seen So Far

Life Is Strange has garnered a hardcore fanbase who absolutely love everything about the game. Sure enough that has led to some amazing cosplays, but this one is probably the best we’ve seen so far. Here are some pics of a Max Caulfield cosplay by LieChee Cosplay: Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Check Out This Amazing WoW Cosplay With A Real Owl

The cosplayer community is a very dedicated one. From makeshift costumes at the last moment to carefully handcrafted ensembles that take months to create, they stop at nothing to bring our beloved fictional characters to life. Today you might just witness the extent of this dedication, with a cosplayer using a real owl in order to create the perfect cosplay from World of Warcraft. We’re talking about Narga, a Russian cosplayer who looks absolutely stunning as Tyrande Whisperwind with her pet owl. After all, it’s there in the game, so it only makes sense that the cosplay would have it too, right? You can check more awesome work done by the cosplayer and the photographer by following the links below: Cosplayer: Narga Photographer: KIRA Register with us for the best in gaming, and...

Meet Rhea, One Of India’s Best Cosplayers & A Passionate Gamer

Cosplay has come a long way in India, and we’ve seen quite a few amazing cosplays at various Gaming, Anime and Comic Conventions. It was at IGX, Mumbai that we saw Rhea, aka Rheality Lapse, in an amazing Tomb Raider cosplay. We were blown away by how accurately it captured the essence of Lara Croft’s origin saga! Sadly, we weren’t able to stick around and chat with Rhea, but we recently got the chance and she had a really heartwarming story to tell us about her journey as a cosplayer, and how cosplay has influenced her being the person she is today. Read on! Gaming Central: Tell us a bit about yourself? Rheality Lapse: Hi, I am Rhea (aka Rheality Lapse). I am a moody writer, an editor by profession and a cosplayer by passion 🙂 I come from a variety of cultures since I mov...

This Wonder Woman Cosplay Is Incredible

If you’re a fan of good cosplays, you’re bound to have come across Alyson Tabbitha’s work. And she just keeps blowing minds with her incredible talent. Here’s her cosplaying as Wonder Woman, and it looks so good that you would forgiven to think she was Gal Gadot’s twin! Here’s a look at some of her previous work, and you can see more of her on Instagram. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

This Invite-Only Cosplay Event Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

While most pop-culture events have fans and cosplayers coming together to show their love for their favorite games, anime, movies, and more, there’s one event that unlike anything you’ve ever seen. FotoCon takes place in Poland, and focuses on bringing together the most talented cosplayers and photographers to the beautiful town of Wlen in Bobr Valley, and create some of the best cosplay photography out there. Here take a look: Image Credits: DasGemini | Catmeleon | A & B Photography Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

This Tifa Lockhart Cosplay From Final Fantasy VII Is Absolutely Gorgeous And Sexy

Tifa Lockhart is quite a beloved character from the Final Fantasy series. Not only she’s a peppy girl, she’s also adept at kicking her enemies’ asses. A cosplayer by the name of Lucid Belle has brought her to life, and my does it look ravishing. You can check out the impressive pictures for yourself below: 🌹Tifa🌹 📸: @futuresilverbullet New print/HD option! And from now on I’ll do monthly print giveaways for my patrons 🤗you can still get this one if you pledge before Tuesday! #tifa #tifacosplay #tifalockhart #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofcolor #dutchcosplay #photography #picoftheday #cloudstrife A post shared by ✨Belle✨ (@lucidbelle) on Jul 29, 2017 at 3:19pm PDT Who’s getting tired of my Tifa cosplay? 😂 another photo that @futuresilverbullet made ❤️Tifa t...

This DOTA 2 Windranger Cosplay Is Out Of This World

Lyralei, the Windranger is quite a beloved character from DOTA 2. She moves with blinding speed, leaving her enemies in the wind, perforating them with a flurry of arrows. And here we have Christina Fink, a noted cosplayer portraying the hero, and we have to say it looks incredible. Check it out for yourself. To you can see more of the artists’ work from the following links: Cosplayer: Christina Fink Photographer: MilliganVick Tell us what you think about the movie and register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

The Best Of Cosplay, Gaming & More At MAGFest 2017

MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival, originally known as the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival) is an annual festival held in the Washington metropolitan area that celebrates video games and video game music, as well as their surrounding culture. MAGFest’s primary features are a large open video gaming room, a hall of arcade cabinets, concerts by chiptune artists and video game cover bands, and a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN Party. Over the years it has had widespread popularity, ever since it first started in 2002. MAGFest’s arcade hall and console room are open 24 hours a day. The hallway contains dozens of cabinets, ranging from vintage shoot ’em ups to contemporary Japanese candy cabinets. Additionally, the console room houses dozens of televisions and attached game c...

Comic Con Delhi 2016 | Gaming Central

Gamers, geeks, cosplayers unite at Comic Con Delhi 2016. Here are the highlights from Comic Con Delhi 2016. Find more on our Website:: Be sure to follow us all over social media. We love attention! YouTube:: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Edited by: Nikhill Arthur Michigan Music: Lost Under Heaven – I&I

Witcher 3 Cosplay: Galina Zhukovskaia

Cosplayer Galina Zhukovskaia, dresses up as Witcher 3’s intriguing new playable character, Ciri, and she pulls it off perfectly with her hair and even the scar on her cheek. Be sure to check out more of her photo shoots on her Facebook page!!

Real Life Assassin’s Creed

Cosplayers are quite fun to watch, they dress up and assume a fictional character. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that some are better than others. There were some I saw at the Comic Con here in Delhi last year and they were a sight to behold, I’m not going to say anymore. Back to my point now, there are so many cosplayers out there, some that do a good job and some that don’t. Meet Jamie Oakley, as far as casting someone for the Assassin’s Creed movie is concerned, you might as well cast this guy right here. It’s not just the volume of ASC gear he’s got on, but its essence lies in the detailing of what he wears. From afar cosplayers can look halfway decent even if it was a last minute decision to put on some colourful clothes and loo...

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