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Video Games That Sparked Massive Controversy In India

Sometimes controversies make sense, some times the reasons behind controversies are bat shit crazy, this is a list of 4 games that sparked controversy in India because Indians are REALLY sentimental! Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Top 4 Video Games That Sparked Controversy In India

Indians take offence easily and tend to get defensive when their sentiments are hurt. The tricky part is that India is a diverse nation and what might offend some section of society might not offend another and vice versa. Most would remember the Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend video faced a lot of flak for cultural appropriation of Indian religion and culture. I agree that India was depicted in a rather dramatic manner but I thought people seemed to forget that it was just a music video, which everyone knows is a bit over the top. I know dismissing it by just calling it a music video is not doing the controversy justice as this is a mulit-faceted  debate. However there is an insightful article on The Guardian that gets into the finer details of this matter. Moving back to the articl...

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