coffee lake

Intel Announces Eighth-Generation Coffee Lake CPUs, Aims To Target The Mainstream With Affordable Pricing

Intel has finally announced it’s 8th Generation of CPUs known as Coffee Lake.  According to Intel, the new chips are up to 32% faster compared to the previous gen(Kaby Lake) and up to 65% than a three-year-old system that would be used for video editing, gaming, and streaming. The most noticeable difference being the increased core counts all across the board.The i3 being 4 core processors instead of 2 cores, the i5 now has 6 cores instead of 4 without hyperthreading and the i7 comes with 6 cores along with hyperthreading which is not present on the i3 or i5. Intel is calling the i7-8700k as the company’s “best gaming CPU to date” which is quite understandable as the i7-7700k is currently the undisputed king of gaming. According to AnandTech, Intel is offering six, ...

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