Quick Review: AMD FX 6350 Desktop CPU

The FX 6350 is one of the latest additions to budget gaming chips by AMD, with the special edition including the Wraith Cooler for near-silent operation. It has 6 cores, providing it with a high multi-tasking potential. This CPU operates at a stock clock speed of 3.90 GHz, 1.10 GHz faster than an average desktop processor. If that isn’t enough power, the FX-6350 has been tested by AMD to handle a maximum overclocked speed up to 4.20 GHz. The technical spec are as follows: No. of Cores 6 Processor Model FX-6350 Compatible Socket AM3+ Clock Speed 3.9 GHz Max Turbo Speed 4.2 GHz Power Consumption 125W Cache Memory Details L2 – 6MB L3 – 8MB   Though AMD have been a little quiet about their CPU releases recently, it’s easy to see their hard at work improving their previous CPUs...

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