Just Cause 3, To Get The New Mech Land Assault Contect Pack This June

If you just finished Just Cause 3 and might be looking to cause some more chaos, well then you’re in luck. The second content pack for Just Cause 3’s Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass, the Mech Land Assault is about to come this June (June 3 for Season Pass owners and June 10 for those without the pass ) Rico Rodriques will be back on the island of Lacrima, which is a home to an abandoned eDen research facility and a prison camp which is being ran by a mysterious “Black Hand”. In Mech Land Assault Rico will have to fight off against the powerful Mechs with the new Bavarium Power Core rifle, disable their shield and hijack them. Once Rico is inside he can use their powerful cannons and new GRIP Gravity Guns to hurls and mash the enemy into paste or pieces (or whatever you see fit). The conte...

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