call of duty world war II

Next Call Of Duty Game Will Return To Modern Warfare (RUMOR)

Call of Duty World War II is still quite a while away from release but we may already have a hint as to what or more appropriately when the next Call of Duty game is going to be set in. Call of Duty games have a cycle where one year it is Sledgehammer while the next it is Treyarch Studios. Well, after WWII it is Treyarch’s turn and very recently they posted a listing for a System Designer on their website which hints towards a modern day game. The listing specifically calls for someone who has “deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology,”. If this is true, this would be the first time since 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 that a Call of Duty game will be set during a modern day setting. Every Call of Duty since that has been set either in the future or past with the...

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