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Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series Launch Trailer

Telltale games have released the launch trailer for their upcoming game Batman The Enemy Within. This game will act as a sequel to Batman The Telltale Series. Batman The Telltale Series was received with mixed to positive reviews, the game had frame drops and PC port of the game was not upto the par, but if you are going for a telltale game you kinda expect all these flaws. The launch trailer is linked below- Batman The Enemy Within is due on 8 August and will be coming on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS. The game will feature The Riddler as the main antagonist. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series Release Date Announced

Award-winning developer and publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games, alongside DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, today announced Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series, a new five-part, episodic game series that continues Telltale’s unique take on the Caped Crusader. Episode one, ‘The Enigma,’ will be available for download starting August 8th, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac, and will become available on iOS and Android-based devices later this year. The series will also be available at retailers this October for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on a special ‘Season Pass Disc,’ which will include the first episode of the season, as well as download access to all subsequent episodes as they are released ...

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