attack on titan season 2 release date india

The Official Trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2 Is Out!

Funimation had its own Christmas present for anime fans: the Attack on Titan Season Two official trailer. The new trailer is easily recognizable from the very beginning, featuring an army of Titans. Wall Rose has been breached, and Eren, Mikasa and Armin have taken to fighting, slashing off one Titan after another. There are a couple of new Titans as well; a gigantic, Ape-likeTitan, who can be seen in the trailer catapulting a horse towards the Scout Regiment, while another smaller Titan, who is seen digging into the flesh of other Titans. While the manga fans would already be familiar with these, they will bring a new taste to the fans of the anime. Older iconic Titans, like the Colossal Titan will also return to devastate the human civilization. Attack on Titan’s second season does...

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