atari jaguar

Atari is working on a new Gaming Console, based on PC technology

Today Atari has announced that 24 years after the launch of its latest home console “Atari Jaguar”, they will return to the market with a new gaming console. Below is the first teaser marketing video of the console: Atari is working on a new Gaming Console The announcement was made by Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari, who told GamesBeat’s that “we’re back in the hardware business,” (consoles). He declined to disclose any kind of information regarding the console, but he said it is based on PC technology. Currently we know that the new console will share the same architecture used by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, i.e. it will use x86 PC hardware, but still, we don’t have details on if it will be AMD or NVIDIA to provide their graphics. Chesnais said that Atari’s revival is we...

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