The HD Remake Of A Game That Never Existed: ReCore Review

Think of Super Mario 64 and all the character driven platformers it inspired. Think of Mega Man and how it made your childhood so fun. It’s always fun to jump and dash around a place, not giving a single care about the laws of physics, isn’t it? Now combine all that fun with adorable robot companions that come with infinite customization possibilities, and you may begin to understand what makes ReCore such a great game. The game starts in quite a beautiful manner, handing you the control of a girl named Joule Adams, the lone woman on a seemingly deserted desert planet of Far Eden. Along with her trusty robot dog Mack, she is on a quest to solve the big mystery behind what rendered Far Eden so desolate. The gorgeous surroundings comprising of cliffs, sand and wrecked terraformin...

NVIDIA’s Maxwell GPU’s will bring you closer to Virtual Reality Gaming

We’ve seen it in movies. We’re read about it in books. Virtual technology is breaking into the mainstream with NVIDIA’s latest GPUs – built on the new Maxwell architecture – are ready. Maxwell is at the core of the new GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 GPUs, the most advanced GPUs from NVIDIA.  Maxwell is designed to solve some of the most complex lighting and graphics challenges in visual computing. One of the biggest challenges: virtual reality. With screens positioned inches away from the user’s face, responsiveness is at a premium. Which is why Maxwell-based GPUs have been optimized for virtual reality. No margin for error: get VR wrong and gamers can get sick. Typically, it takes 50 milliseconds or more to render a scene in a virtual reality environment, from the time you move your he...

3D Blu-Rays not supported by PS4 at launch

As strange as this sounds, the PS4 is most like to not support playback of 3D Blu-rays, according to the online user guide (spotted by TheSixthAxis). Even though DVDs and Blu-rays are fully supported and CD support is to be put into the system, the “Playing video on disc” section of the User Guide says that 3D Blu-rays are not supported. Weirdly enough, the PS3 plays 3D Blu-rays without any issues, which makes this even more strange. Sony has left 3D by the wayside in the past two years, having attempted to push it hard in the middle years of PS3’s lifespan. This would appear to be another nail in its coffin. However, the word around is that Sony has made it clear that  3D Blu-ray movies “will not be compatible at launch, providing the following statement to Eurogam...

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