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The Surge – A Walk In The Park DLC Review

The Surge – A Walk In The Park DLC Review

The Surge was a great game with a really good premise which was a lot of fun to play. The A Walk In The Park DLC is a new DLC that gives you a great reason to go back into the world of The Surge. While the A Walk In The Park DLC doesn’t add a lot or change a lot of things from the base game, it does provide a really good addition to the main game in the form of an Amusement Park that has come to life in the worst way possible.

A Walk In The Park takes places in an Amusement Park that’s not far from where you originally begin the game. Originally made for Creo employees as a place to have fun in, it was aptly named Creo World, which as we all know is one of the staple names for big amusement parks. This once fun and colourful park is now filled with danger around every corner to due to the original “Surge” that caused all of Creo’s tech to go bonkers.

This area is filled with everything that you could imagine of when thinking about a nightmare version of an Amusement Park. Crashing rollercoasters, to animatronics that have come to life to kill you but this time, you can actually rip the animatronics to shreds and not just sit in a room checking cameras while you wait for your impending doom. The DLC is six to eight hours long and takes inspiration from TV shows and movies that feature robotics and animatronics and amusement parks gone wild and does so without actually completely ripping them off.

The colourful and bright world is really a great contrast to the dark and gritty nature of the game. The environment of this new stage is really fantastic to say the least with a lot of detail being put into Creo World to make it look like an actual amusement park. It sure as hell made me question my decisions to go to amusement park rides in the future. It does a wonderful job of turning this brightly coloured funland into a creepy, scary and nerve-wracking nightmare fuel world.

Along with this world comes the opportunity to explore this wondrous land. And with exploration comes enemies and combat. While the combat is still the same and doesn’t stray too far away from the base game, the new enemy types help keep things fresh and do a good job of not letting the game get stale due to repetition. With these new enemies comes new loot. Loot, the bread and butter of exploration games is available in plentiful here. From new weapons and armours to animatronics head that you can make your own after you pummel an enemy in a cathartic experience to let out all the frustration they might have caused you in Five Nights at Freddy’s. While the new gear is a great addition to the game, it is not nearly as powerful as the endgame items that you already have in your inventory and are using so prepare to grind if you really want to use these new items.

The Surge- A Walk In The Park is a really solid DLC that doesn’t change or do anything extravagant but adds an expansion to the world for you to explore and gives you a great reason to go back into the dystopian-esque world of The Surge and I really recommend this DLC to you if you enjoyed the base game and want more of that experience.

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