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Super Mega Baseball 3: A Review

Super Mega Baseball 3: A Review

Baseball fans…this one’s for you! Metalhead Software’s Super Mega Baseball, available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch is a very popular game with baseball lovers and sports lovers in general. We’re here to tell you all about the good, the bad, and our final thoughts on the game! 

Starting off with the game’s strong points, its gameplay improved from the previous two versions of the game series. Super Mega Baseball 3 offers great pick-up-and-play qualities with enough real baseball action to satisfy fanatics. 

This is quite an important aspect of the game since getting the nitty-gritty right about baseball is crucial. Baseball, as a sport, is quite popular all around the world. About 68.5 million fans attended major league games during the 2019 regular season with M.L.B, N.B.A, N.F.L, always staying on top. Apart from avid fans never missing a game, baseball is quite popular as a sports that gamblers bet upon, including on bet365 Australia. Although it is not as popular as Aussie rules, cricket and rugby, baseball is reasonably popular in the Aussie sports betting culture. 

The EGO system in the game has some room for improvement. However, it has solid baseball mechanics, and it is fun to play around with. The pitching mechanic is basic, but it has skill and great timing which is not always the case in most games. 

The act of running has also been simplified in SMB3 since you can do everything with two buttons. All in all, running seems to act smoother than in other two versions of SMB. 

Getting to the actual characters in the game, the players are comically drawn, and we have to admit that they are beautiful. The stadiums also look very real, especially when they change from day to night seamlessly. 

What’s great about SMB3 is that you can customise your own experience and leagues. From players to teams, you can edit and customise everything to your liking and that’s a win from us! 

While there is very little wrong with SMB3, there are a few things that we wish the game has but doesn’t. For example, we would have loved to see the Create-A-Ballpark feature which fans have been asking for. However, the customisation setting was a big step for SMB3, so we are not complaining here. 

All in all, Super Mega Baseball 3 is a big win from us. The game is consistent, well-developed, and explores the popular sport of baseball from all angles. 

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