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Snap Games prove to be a roaring success with Indian Snapchatters; inspires launch of 3rd local game – Carrom Gold!

Snap Games prove to be a roaring success with Indian Snapchatters;  inspires launch of 3rd local game – Carrom Gold!

Games have redefined how Snapchatters connect on the app resulting
in more exciting, shared experiences. Introduced in 2019, Snap Games have over the years
gained immense popularity amongst the 100M strong Indian Snapchatter community.
Last year, Snap partnered with Moonfrog Labs to launch Ludo Club, which was played by over
27M Snapchatters in 6 months of launch – nearly 30% of whom came from India. The
enthusiasm after launching Ludo Club inspired Snap to collaborate once again with Moonfrog
Labs on Carrom – another classic multi-platform social board that Indian players love. Carrom
Gold is the third India-centric game introduced by Snap today. Carrom Gold is supported by an
AR Lens developed to provide a preview of the game play with the user’s face in the middle of
the carrom board to give an immersive feeling to the user.
“At Snap, our focus remains on creating a culturally and locally relevant experience for Indian
users through product developments, creative tools, community engagement and partnerships.
With Carrom Gold, we’ve introduced a new, local gaming experience Snapchatters can share
with their friends, and is a great addition to the existing line-up of Dosa Dash and Ludo Club. We
hope to continue creating a truly local games experience for our community and are excited to
develop this partnership with Moonfrog Labs and Mojiworks to keep innovating with our games
offerings,” stated Satyajit Swain- Growth & Strategy, Snap Lakshya Malu- Interim – Market
Development Lead.
“Snap Games is a unique platform that makes it easy for individuals to engage in mutually fun
experiences. This echoes Moonfrog’s purpose of building fun and easy games, and we are truly
excited to extend our partnership with Snap in bringing Carrom Gold to a wider community of
players whilst driving gamification of social interactions”, said Anand Adkoli, Chief Operating
Officer at Moonfrog Labs.

Snap code for carrom game


In a collaboration with Mojiworks for one of Snap’s most popular games – ‘Ready Chef Go!’ – Snap
introduced a localized challenge called ‘Dosa Dash.’ This introduction of ‘Dosa Dash’ to ‘Ready
Chef Go’ led to twice the number of players, matches, and overall engagement in India. With this
success, Snap partnered further with Mojiworks to implement India-themed trivia in their second
hit game, ‘Trivia Party’.

“We love collaborating with Snap on our hypersocial games, exclusive to Snapchat, with our first
two hits “Ready Chef Go!” and “Trivia Party” reaching millions of players in India alone. Working
with the Snap India team to create “Dosa Dash”, a special stage for Ready Chef Go!, helped us
make a culturally-authentic experience enjoyed by tens of millions of Snapchatters around the
world. And in Trivia Party we’ve seen huge numbers of questions contributed by players in India
that are helping us grow this unique UGC trivia game to new revenue highs for us on the Snap
Games platform. We are always excited to partner with Snap, with India one of the most exciting
growth territories for us in the years to come.” stated Matthew Wiggins, CEO & co-founder,
Last year, giving all gamers a Diwali twist, was the game “Color Together” on Snap, developed by
Funday Factory, that launched four Diwali themed sketch skins that users were able to color. In
terms of language localisation, Color Together is also Snap’s broadest localized title, and
supports nine Indian locales like Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi,
Tamil and Telugu.
Snap Games rests within the Snap app and lets Snapchatters play games and feel like they are
hanging out, sitting side-by-side even when they’re apart. Snapchatters can launch Snap Games
from the Chat bar, allowing them and their friends to instantly play together. Games have
redefined how Snapchatters connect on the app resulting in more exciting shared experiences.
About Snap Inc.
Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest
opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. We contribute to human progress by
empowering people to express themselves, live in the

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