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All the popular cricket video games that have ever been made

All the popular cricket video games that have ever been made

It is hard to believe that, but cricket is not the national sport in India. However, it is a very popular sports discipline, considering how many people are watching live streams of cricket matches in this country. It is the reason why so many internet users are interested in Pin Up online as the main source of all things even remotely related to sports betting. It is important to read Pin Up Casino review, before making even a single bet in order to know what options are offered.

How is it possible to play cricket using a video game?

Many people have not even thought that they do not need to be athletes in order to enjoy this game in its full glory. The most accessible way to do that is by using a number of great video games that were released during the last couple of years. There are a lot of examples that all sports fans should know about, if they want to succeed in Indian betting or simply have fun, enjoying a number of highly detailed video games. 

Here is a list of five best cricket video games available on PC and consoles:

  •     Don Bradman Cricket 2017;
  •     Tabletop Cricket;
  •     Big Bash Boom;
  •     Cricket Captain 2019;
  •     Cricket 19!

Many of these Pin Up games online were created by famous companies, such as Electronic Arts or Childish Things. They are very popular due to their gaming process. Developers are trying to replicate original rules and player behavior on the field. It is not an easy thing to do, as every move should be captured in the motion in order to make the image more realistic. 

Reasons to give such video games a chance

People who are not familiar with video games may think that they have no reasons to dive deep into these projects. But the reality is – there are a lot of features that are good even for sports fans who have never played the original game in real life. More than that, a couple of virtual variations of this discipline are available for free at India Online Casino. It is not a typical kind of a slot machine, but rather another category of digital games.

Gamers respect cricket video game series from Electronic Arts, because it is annual and has been a crucial part of the industry since the early days of PlayStation. Now it is possible to find a lot of great projects for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. At first, they had 2D graphics and it was hard to say that they looked like a live stream straight from the stadium. But with the time goes on, graphics keep improving and now it is hard not to appreciate how well-made modern cricket is. But players need to download each game software in order to be able to play all of them in the full scale. 

Talking about reasons on why every person in India should at least give these games a try:

  •     Great visual style;
  •     Unique gameplay;
  •     Licensed players and stadiums;
  •     Unordinary situations that will never happen on television;
  •     Ability to play anywhere and at any time!

Video games do not depend on the weather. They can be launched at literally any moment. The only requirement is to have the correct hardware in order to launch the software. 


It will be a huge mistake to ignore the ability to enjoy one of the most popular sports in the comfort of a home. More than that, modern projects allow users to play video games together, using internet connection. In some cases, video games are the only option to keep the best casinos interesting for playing even during weekdays, as there are a lot of opportunities to place a bet on a virtually generated match. For all sports entertainment fans, playing such games online is the best thing to do in the evening. New projects keep releasing on PC and consoles each year, which increasingly blurs the boundary between reality and virtual space. 

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