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Pokémon Go Player Crashes Into Cop Car, Captured On Camera

Pokémon Go Player Crashes Into Cop Car, Captured On Camera

Since it’s release, Pokémon GO has been the centre of attention for the entire world, whether it’s for helping with the mental health of some people, inspiring them to go outside and interact with the world, or resulting in numerous injuries and life threatening experiences. But as amazing as it may be, we can agree that Pokémon GO is not all safe and fun, as is evident from this video.

The Baltimore Police Department posted a video of a guy who drove straight into a police car, because he was busy looking down at his mobile phone screen playing Pokémon GO. The police was awfully nice about the whole incident, while the guy gets out of the car dismayed, saying “That’s what I get for playing this dumbass game.” Fortunately for him, the light was green when he drove by, thus avoiding one ticket. Crashing into a cop car, however, is a completely different mess by itself.

For future reference, please note that parked vehicles, police or otherwise, are not Pokéstops. Nevertheless, we do expect Don’t Pokémon GO and drive” to be a thing soon enough, because people can’t seem to have enough of this game, even when it comes to their own safety.

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