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Nintendo Direct E3 2019

Nintendo Direct E3 2019

This E3 Nintendo had a lot of new releases up their sleeve, ranging from a new Animal Crossing to an update to the Legend of Zelda. Here are a few highlights from the showcase:   

DragonQuest XI Definitive Edition S Definitive Edition

This update is coming to the Switch on September 27th as announced as the Square Enix 2019 Conference. This version as an expanded storyline with more monsters to control and fly. You can finish battles much quicker this time around. Older Dragonquest worlds are also available to explore, so you can revel in the nostalgia of the 8 bit era.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

An update to the wacky series comes with many new gameplay mechanics and a new multiplayer game mode. Luigi and his friends check into a hotel which seems innocuous at first, but when Mario and the others vanish, it’s up to Luigi to explore the oddities filled hotel. Luigi has the Poltergust G-00 to help defeat the ghosts by either sucking them out or bashing them against each other. Gooigi, Luigi’s gelatinous better half also returns as a playable character, either via switching between the both in single player or play co-op. Gooigi can pass through metal gates and spikes but his Achilles’ heel is water. Come too close to it and Gooigi dies a slow, flowy death.  A new multiplayer game mode called The ScareScraper has 8 Luigis in either local play or online multiplayer rescuing toads and killing ghosts. No exact release date as of yet, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is stated to release in 2019.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

A few more minutes of gameplay footage and the rehashing of new Pokemon was all that was shown this E3. The Poke Ball Plus accessory which although cannot be used as a controller, can be used to take the Pokemon from the games out for a stroll in the real world. If enough quality time is spent with the Pokemon, ‘something good might happen’, hinted Shinya Takahashi, the presenter for this segment. Both the games are set for release on the 25th of November.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The release for this eagerly anticipated game is still a long way off, being pushed from its initial 2019 debut to March 20th 2020. We get some very promising gameplay footage, with Animal Crossing retaining all the cute which it is known for with fresh graphics and gameplay mechanics of yore. We get a sneak peek of the Deserted Island Getaway Package which is exactly that, a chance to build everything from scratch. You’ll also experience different seasons and get the chance to build snowmen. Tom Nook’s workbench will also be available to craft different tools and implements.

Legend of Zelda: BoTW Sequel

The sequel for the popular Switch title has been announced as being in development. Having no name as of yet other than being referred to as the sequel, it’ll pick up right where BoTW left off. The few minutes of footage bear a rather ominous soundtrack while Link and Zelda explore underground ruins malformed by the Malice. No information as to the release date was given.


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