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The Latest Update in Fantasy Cricket Games


Sports simulators are a rather interesting genre making it possible for people to do their favorite sports without leaving their home. Do anything you want to — take part in a championship or world cup, create your own team, be a coach or a captain, become a manager and control the financial flows of the club.

Fantasy cricket games are skill games where users create their own team of real cricket players, participate in different leagues to compete with other cricket fans, receive fantasy points based on the actual players’ performance and win daily prizes.

Games for Cricket Fans: Something to Choose From

Fantasy cricket is a game where players have the opportunity to compete online with their friends and other cricket enthusiasts, as well as win huge sums of money.

This is an online game for those who are willing to become cricketers. There are many sites about fantasy cricket game available on the market, so users just need to visit them, sign up, choose a match, assemble a team of 11 players, join existing leagues or create their own to challenge friends. Fantasy depends on how chosen players play live matches and win cash prizes.

Cricket 07

Exciting sports, single-player and multi-user cricket simulator developed by EA Sports. This is a great game for all cricket fans from all over the globe. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose a team, place and enter the game world.

Big bash cricket

Play cricket in huge stadiums. Manage your favorite athletes on the field and win matches. Choose characters from real cricketers. Take part in quick friendly matches or play in cricket seasons. Beat teams, compete against friends and other players from around the world to get rewards and achievements.

Cricket Captain 2016

It’s time for all cricket fans from around the world to test their skills in the most advanced Cricket Captain game. Created in collaboration with Chris Rogers, Somerset County Cricket Club captain, Cricket Captain includes lots of playable teams and incredible opportunities for players. The game has been recognized as the best cricket simulator ever created.

Cricket Captain 2017

Developed with the help of Jimmy Anderson, the game boasts over 20 new leagues in the West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This year, Pakistani and Caribbean leagues also entered the game. This is an improved continuation of the unsurpassed cricket simulator including better statistics, an updated interface, a redesigned match engine, improved player generation and much more.

Cricket Captain 2018

A new part of the popular cricket simulator. Here you will find all the clubs, updated statistics, impressive interface, and improved graphics. Captain 2018 raises quality standards to a whole new level. Users will play for the new teams, see a wonderful new interface and an updated three-dimensional engine.

Cricket Captain 2019

A simulation game developed by Childish Things Ltd for the PC platform. This is a simulator and a sports game. You will have access to one player and several players mode. You will be impressed by the new clubs, vivid interface, and unforgettable graphics.

Cricket Revolution

Entertaining levels and colorful graphics will make your pastime enjoyable and incredibly intriguing. Now, you can not only train your logical skills but also develop reaction speed sitting at a computer. The languid expectation of entering the field and the last attempt to concentrate make the cricket game no less stressful than soccer one.

The game includes both single-player and multi-user modes. Compete with smart AI opponents or with real players. The game also has great graphics and interface.

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