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Kiki Wolfkill Explains Difference Between Locke and Master Chief

Kiki Wolfkill Explains Difference Between Locke and Master Chief

Kiki Wolfkill executive producer at 343 studios shared How Locke and Master Chief differ from one another. In this interview he said, “He’s getting his own themed Xbox One next week, his controller is already out and he’ll be staged as the contrasting protagonist in this month’s Halo 5: Guardians as he hunts down the iconic Master Chief. Spartan Locke is staged to come into his own as a character with this newest installment to the series, but how that’s going to fold out is a different matter.”

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Spartan Locke

He went on saying “You look at Chief, who is sort of conscripted as a child and became a Spartan not necessarily by choice, and then there’s Locke, who choose to be that kind of person – these contrasts are really very interesting.” The back story with these two guys will be awesome, the need to define Locke as something other than just another cookie cutter in the vein of John-117 is going to be a paramount.


Master Chief

Significantly, Locke is a member of the Office of Naval intelligence and “ONI is a kind of shadow organisation that has its finger on a lot of the events that impact the UNSC and ultimately, the galaxy. What would it mean to take someone from that organisation and have them make the transition to Spartan-don?” posits studio head Josh Holmes in the latest edition of the official Xbox Magazine.

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