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Innovative Adult Games which you should not miss

Innovative Adult Games which you should not miss

With much of the world remaining at home and looking for new ways to venture out into the world, virtually if necessary, the rising popularity of interactive adult games makes perfect sense. Among the VR porn games tickling adult gamers fancies in recent times, a trio of efforts, each one with unique appeal, have been solidifying adult VR gaming as an arena worth keeping tabs on.

Boarding the Holodexxx

It’s got to be tough competing with an adult VR game that stars world famous pornstar talents. Call it “The Holodexxx Advantage,” or just point your browser towards this acclaimed game and dive into a neon sci-fi wonderland for yourself. In episodes that introduce you to Riley Reid, Marley Brinx, Mia Malkova, and other top starlets, sometimes in character as Lady Euphoria or fictional vixen, Holodexxx lets you customize your digital partner’s clothing and style, chat using bot-powered facial animations and gestures, and even watch smut in your own private two-person VR porn cinema. Holodexxx continues to fine-tune its motion-captured pornstar models and is arguably the adult VR gaming experience that comes closest to landing you an actual pornstar experience.

In the Lab with Captain Hardcore
A creation of AntiZero, Captain Hardcore has developed into a powerful sex simulator and laboratory in which gamers can explore their sexual fantasies among the stars. Currently allowing users almost endless customization of each model, as well as myriad ways to interact. Sex toys, tools, and advanced physics make ‘physical’ interaction a treat, but there’s more to look forward to in that regard. Early in development, Captain Hardcore currently offers a sandbox-style arena for interacting with your CGI partners. Until it launches a campaign or story mode, Captain Hardcore feels a little bit more like Professor Hardcore – not a bad thing at all!

Create-Your-Own Virt-A-Mate
Every gamer knows how important community is to the success of a title. Developer MeshedVR knows this all too well. Virt-A-Mate might at first seem like a few other adult VR outings but upon closer inspection it’s clear this “game” does more to put creative control in the hands of VR users. Utilizing Virt-A-Mate’s extensive customization options, users can create and share their own characters and scenes. Virt-A-Mate’s graphics are exemplary and sophisticated lighting algorithms bathe the models in stunning atmosphere. Three years after its launch, Virt-A-Mate has earned a legion of devoted users, many feeding their contributions back to the community and helping Virt-A-Mate expand in ways most games, VR or not, fail to do.
The varying degrees of fan-contributions to each of these adult VR games points to a very positive trend forming. The more involved gamers are in the creation of the titles they play and purchase, the closer we’re likely to come to a seriously, even fully satisfying virtual encounter, maybe even a complete virtual sex life.

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