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Google’s Rio Olympics 2016 Doodle Mini-Games Are Addictively Fun

Google’s Rio Olympics 2016 Doodle Mini-Games Are Addictively Fun

Google never misses a chance to make the most of an international occasion by showcasing it as the day’s doodle. For those of you who don’t know what a Google doodle is, it’s a small animation/picture or game that appears on Google’s homepage ( The number of times I’ve gone onto Google to look for something and ended up reading about the featured doodle is more than I can count. But on the plus side, I become a well rounded person and get to learn of different events going on around the world. Thank you Google!


Google did this for India’s Republic Day this year. So if you can’t figure out what the occasion is for then just hover your house over the doodle and clicking on it launches a google search for the same.

Google lived up to our expectations, probably even surpassed it with their latest doodle, showcasing a game for the Olympics in Rio which commenced on the 5th of August.


But instead of a simple picture or animation, the doodle featured a few minigames in which a bunch of fruit put their athletic abilities to the test in various sporting activities.


Till now there are 7 games that are featured on the doodle. The various games include you racing as a strawberry, playing tennis as a pineapple, swimming as a lemon, cycling away as a coconut. The rewarding mechanism works the same way it does in Angry Birds with the 3 star rating scale.

The games are quite impressive and keeps me occupied for my entire metro ride to work. You should give it a go too, probably make your commute slightly more bearable.

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