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Four ideas that Arkham Origins took from Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Four ideas that Arkham Origins took from Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

After hearing the news that Rocksteady Studios would no longer be bringing us the last installment of the Arkham Series, many gamers around the world were a bit apprehensive about it. Warner Montreal  only had a very small role of developing the ports for the previous games and now were given the mammoth task of literally the whole game.

However, after seeing the trailers that they have come out with, we can safely say that faith has been restored. The game stays true to its comic-origins and fast paced action. Looks like Warner Montreal took this task up as a challenge and have really gone through with it and are giving us what we want.

From the trailers we can not only see that this is going to be an epic game, but we also see certain aspects that were taken from Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I mean, that’s what we wanna see right..?


4. The Batwing

Batwing (1)-horz

Even though the Batwing in ‘Origins’ is somewhat similar to a plane, we can see bits and pieces of Nolan’s idea of the Batwing present in it. The whole idea of it being a hovercraft type thing, and not the mention the cockpit, which looks awfully similar to Nolan’s version.

3. Batman’s Closet


The little glass cabinet that rises from the ground is pretty cool, and we can see why Warner Montreal stuck with that idea. It is a defining moment in the movie, when you actually see Bruce, as a person and the suit, which is a symbol of his other half. They even stuck with the same camera angle, which is very effective in portraying that vivid image or the hero.

2. Breaking sword with forearm claws


This whole thing of Batman snapping a sword with this forearm claws is straight out of the first of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, its from when he is fighting Ras Al Guhl. In the game we see thing happening when Batman takes on Deathstroke.

1. Batsuit


The suit isn’t exactly a complete copy of Nolan’s interpretation, but is clearly inspired by what Nolan portrayed in his movie. We can see traces of Nolan’s military battle armour look made up of different protective panels.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below.

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