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Earning a penny during quarantine: slots and other online gambling games

Online casinos and gambling games are still as popular as ever in New Zealand despite the government announcing plans to enact stricter laws and regulations on offshore gaming. Online games like Microgaming's Mega Moolah (famed for having the largest payout in online slots gaming history), NetEnt's Twin Spin, and Playtech's Spamalot are still enjoyed by thousands of Kiwi residents daily. Currently, the only companies officially licensed to offer online gaming services in New Zealand are the government-run TAB sports betting service and the state lottery. While overseas companies are technically barred from advertising to New Zealanders it is still legal for Kiwi's to use the services. Now the government is considering attempts to restrict these activities. In July this year, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) announced it would be considering revising the 2003 Gambling Act, which it feels is out of date with today's new technology. “Our current Gambling Act is from 2003 and like a lot of legislation it is being challenged by the place of the internet. New technology has changed people’s behavior dramatically and the way New Zealanders gamble has changed too. It’s now time to check whether our gambling rules are appropriate,” said Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin. Four possible options The revision includes four possible options that range from maintaining the current system as it is, to a complete overhaul with broad and sweeping changes. The revision also discusses in detail ways to fight gambling addiction and to help minimize harm to players. However, critics suggest the proposed changes don't reflect an interest in helping people with gambling problems but rather focus on improving the local economy. The DIA argues that the need to bring funds back home is intended so that the profits from online gambling can be used to mitigate the health impacts presented by gambling addiction. As it currently stands, offshore gaming operators are under no obligation to reimburse foreign governments for the harm that they inflict on citizens of those nations. It is estimated that approximately NZ$380 million is siphoned into offshore gambling operations, money that the government would undoubtedly want to see spent on improving local businesses and aiding government services. While the advertising of overseas hosted games is prohibited, online 'pokies' are still highly popular with New Zealand citizens and can be easily found on popular gaming sites and other sites which feature a good selection of online casinos for NZ players. However, despite the concerns, the Ministry of Health in New Zealand doesn't report a particularly high instance of individuals requesting help for gambling addiction. Some argue that this is due to the hidden nature of online gambling but it is just as likely that there is no significant problem as of yet. Still, the government believes it may be necessary to consider legal revisions like the ban of credit cards for online gambling, which has been linked to increased instances of addiction and related social issues.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, many people are forced to stay at home. The question of how to have fun, if there is no opportunity to relax in a club or restaurant and no way to earn additional money, has become relevant. This article will help you to solve both problems at the same time! Thanks to online gambling you will be able to find suitable entertainment as well as earn some cash.

Online Slots

Online slots are games that imitate real slot machines found in land-based gambling establishments. They have an action like a lottery or roulette. In other words – a random drop of symbols, cards and so on. With a successful combination in popular online slots, the player receives a cash prize.

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Slots have a wide functionality. Using the onscreen buttons, you can start the reel, place a bet, stop the game and much more. They also provide additional mini-games and Risk bonus rounds.

Slot machines delight users with high-quality graphics, a well-thought-out plot, and pleasant music. The game captivates and gives a lot of positive emotions.

The world of slots is diverse. You can find a game on any topic. As statistics show, users are most attracted to adventure and historical games.

All slot machines generate winning combinations at random. Therefore, it is rather difficult to predict when luck will smile upon you. Nevertheless, experienced gamblers use gaming strategies to increase chance of winning. Such strategies allow you to competently manage the bankroll during the game and, as a result, get the coveted win.

Sports betting

Those who are well versed in sports can try their hand at sports betting. During the quarantine period, many bookmakers work remotely. Therefore, you can place bets online through the websites, which is very convenient.

Betting is an easy and quick way to make money. The outcome of many matches is so predictable that the probability of winning is as much as 99%. The main thing, of course, is to approach everything with your head and be guided by analytics. Below are some tips for beginners in sports betting:

  • Don’t bet blindly. The logic “this team win more often, so I’ll bet on them” does not work. It is also not recommended to bet at random, relying solely on your own intuition.
  • Control your emotions. In the heat of excitement, you can spend all your money. If you are unlucky, then you need to take a break, understand what you are doing wrong.
  • Use promotional codes. Most of them provide the option to place a free bet. If bet plays, then the player takes the winnings. If not, then his bank still remains safe and sound.

By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to raise good money on sports betting. And if not, then at least get pleasure from the process itself.

Online lottery

Lotteries are officially allowed in most of the countries around the world and, in fact, lottery is the top gambling game on the globe! They are a type of gambling where the outcome is determined by random. All the player has to do is buy a lottery ticket. Thus, he makes a contribution to the prize pool and can become the owner of a ticket that is potentially winning.

It is very convenient to play the lottery online. The ticket can be bought on the UNL or MSL website at any time of the day or night. Then it should be registered on the site. The drawing takes place live, which speaks of the honesty and transparency of the results.


A popular option for gambling entertainment is online roulette. The essence of the game is probably familiar to many: a player places a bet on a certain sector on the reel. If the ball points to the selected number, then a prize is awarded.

Roulette is an interesting and addicting game. Its advantage is that the chances of winning are absolutely equal for both new and regular players. This is due to the fact that the occurrence of a particular number is random and unpredictable. And no amount of mathematical calculations and formulas will help predict the outcome. You need to rely solely on your own luck.

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