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Xbox One Reveal Parody :)

You wont wanna miss this, Steven Korrell our Facebook fan just shared with us this video 🙂  

Call of Duty : Ghosts Screens Unveiled

Check out the fleeting glimpses of COD Ghosts which debuted at Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal event a couple of days back. Here are some Spoilers 🙂 1) Multiplayer will be revamped with ‘dynamic maps’, which will feature environmental events like earthquakes and floods. 2) Oscar-winning writer Stephen Gaghan, whose previous works include ‘Traffic’ and ‘Syriana’  has worked on the new story for the game, hope it improves the storyline which has become a tad repetitive.  Are you excited for COD Ghosts? Check out the latest Call of Duty : Ghosts Trailer Unveiled  :  

5 things to know about Xbox One

After months of anticipation, Microsoft has finally unveiled its next generation console and has named it XBox One. Now we don’t exactly know why it was named XBox One, but from the unveiling it seems that this has some connection with Microsoft’s plan of marketing the XBox as the complete family media center rather than just a dedicated gaming console. XBox One will operate using an 8-core processor with 8 GB RAM. And while the event did not reveal a lot about new games, here are 5 things to know about Xbox One  – 1. The design changes were minimal The look of the console was nothing to talk about while the controller seems to have gone only slight ergonomical changes. Microsoft probably does not want to change a proven design by a large factor. 2. Kinect gets more power...

Batman Arkham Origins Trailer is here !

Howdy Folks! All you bat lovers we have though Christopher Nolan’s epic triology might have come to an end but console gamers have something to rejoice that the award-winning Arkham series is returning this winter. This prequel Batman: Arkham Origins will track the Dark Knight’s first years on the job, including his first clashes with several of the series’ classic villains, who have been hired by the well-tailored crime boss Black Mask to take out Batman. The much awaited trailer featuring Deathstroke has been released, check it out here. Batman: Arkham Origins is out on 25 October on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U and PC. 

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