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Xbox One

5 things to know about Xbox One

5 things to know about Xbox One

After months of anticipation, Microsoft has finally unveiled its next generation console and has named it XBox One. Now we don’t exactly know why it was named XBox One, but from the unveiling it seems that this has some connection with Microsoft’s plan of marketing the XBox as the complete family media center rather than just a dedicated gaming console. XBox One will operate using an 8-core processor with 8 GB RAM. And while the event did not reveal a lot about new games, here are 5 things to know about Xbox One  –

1. The design changes were minimal
The look of the console was nothing to talk about while the controller seems to have gone only slight ergonomical changes. Microsoft probably does not want to change a proven design by a large factor.

2. Kinect gets more powerful
No surprise this, The Kinect has a huge role in the future of the XBox , as is evident from the gesture controls. It has been made more accurate and precise. It was claimed that it can detect your heartbeat while you are exercising, so we’re guessing it’s pretty powerful.

3. Push on non-gaming applications
The second screen arrives with Xbox one 🙂 Microsoft started the conference by showing voice input and gesture controls for the XBox. Users can use the snap mode, where gaming or watching a movie can be done simultaneously with other applications such as browsing the internet. Also, shown was the two screen interactive TV, where we can watch our favourite shows without being away from our social media and that we can switch to any channel/show we want to watch by simply saying its name.

4. Expansion of XBox Live
XBox Live will now have access to over 300,000 servers ! Also users can store games, movies, songs on the cloud and can also record videos of them playing games using XBox Live as a DVR.

5. Ambitious push for new games
MS Studios has said that it plans to bring out 15 games for XBox One in the first year itself, including 8 new series. Some of the big names include Call of Duty : Ghosts, Forza MotorSport 5 while Quantum Break is one of the new titles. Along with this EA Sports’ declaration of 4 new games and other studios obviously waiting to release thier own title means there should be no dearth of games to play for new XBox one owners.

Hope you loved reading this article about 5 things to know about Xbox One 🙂

All images sourced from Wired


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