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Bleed 2 – Review

Bleed 2 – Review

A fast-paced platformer arcade action game where you can air dodge and deflect bullets with a katana while shooting enemies with your twin pistols, Deadpool style. Bleed 2 is the sequel to the fantastic indie game Bleed developed by BootDisk Revolution where you played as Wryn, a girl who was on the quest to become the best video-game hero by defeating all the heroes on Earth. Bleed 2 picks off with a massive alien armada invading Earth since all the heroes are no more due to the events of the previous game and it is our job to stop them and defend Earth.

The game is a platforming shooter very reminiscent of games like Contra and Metal Slug. You have twin pistols that have unlimited ammo and a katana that can reflect back and deflect bullets which is amazing since you’ll be using it a lot. Wryn also has the ability to triple jump which is really helps with verticality and wall-kicking another element that helps you move around your screen. If it gets too intense and too fast, fret not cause Wryn can temporarily slow down time to help dodge and maneuver around the screen that is just filled with bullets and projectiles.

Unlike its predecessor, Bleed 2 features a co-op mode so you can play through the entire game with a friend which does make the game a little more easy since you can now deflect twice the amount of bullets but the game is not insanely difficult or unjust if you do play it solo. As stated before, like Contra, you fight your way through short levels that are just filled with enemies and end in boss fights which also similar to those games, has you figure out the pattern and shoot at a particular spot which is usually the core. Now this might seem boring but the boss fights are actually really memorable and different especially with the varied stages that they are a part of.

The game is about an hour to an an hour and a half long and is not very difficult, partly due to the difficulty itself and partly due to the checkpoint system and the infinite continues that the game offers. To give players a sense of accomplishment and to improve, the game has a rank system which is shown on a leaderboard, so players who are into score attacks and speed running can have a reason to replay this game. Once you do beat the game however, you unlock a Hardcore mode where you only have one life to get through the game. Die and its over. There’s also a very cool Boss Run mode where you take on three bosses and a Mutators that allow you to mutate certain parts of the game like infinite slow motion or actual visible hitboxes. Beating the game also rewards you with several new characters.

Bleed 2 is a great sequel as it builds upon what was laid out by the first game and delivers a very tight and fun experience. From the precision and accuracy with which you can control your player, to the co-op fun that can be had with the mutators, it is a game that is bound to leave you satisfied.

Bleed 2 is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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