Author: Dhruv Arora

How to Successfully Market in Esports?

Marketing in esports is a brave new frontier for digital agencies to crack open. While the phenomenon of competitive video gaming is not entirely new, seeing big money committed to esports has startled some brands. At first, they had difficulty comprehending it, but then the numbers started making sense. Esports, as it turns out, is watched globally by 700 million people and this number is growing...

ROG Phone 3 First Impressions

RoG Phone 3 was announced officially a few days ago, and it is glorious!  First Impressions So, I’ve had this phone for maybe two days and I haven’t been able to spend as much time with it as I would have liked. But the time I did spend has been pretty fantastic! It’s smooth as butter, the display looks great, and it has some of the best speakers I have heard on a phone, ever, I think. And of cour...

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