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AMD Refreshes Their APU Lineup with the A8-7870K

AMD Refreshes Their APU Lineup with the A8-7870K

AMD launched the A8-7670K APU in their Godavari line of APUs, featuring native Windows 10 support and unparelleled performance at the budget. For the people not in the know, an APU combines a CPU and a proper GPU in one die. This APU has 10 computational cores: 4 CPU running up to 3.9GHz + 6 GPU running at 757MHz. The integrated GPU in this case is an unspecified Radeon R7 class GPU, which, while not on par with proper dedicated mid-range GPUs, outperforms embedded solutions by a country mile. An upscaled version of these APUs are most famously present in the Xbox One and PS4.

The A8-7670k comes packed with all the Radeon goodies: AMD Eyefinity for multi-monitor setups, FreeSync, AMD’s Gaming Evolved, which allows game footage capturing and automatic game optimisation, Virtual Super Resolution, AMD Mantle, Vulcan, and DirectX 12 support along with support for Windows 10 features like Xbox One to PC game streaming, performance boost for Microsoft Edge browser, hardware accelerated encryption and decryption when using Microsoft Bitlocker,  AMD Quick Stream (a technology designed to prioritize video streaming over other activities requiring Internet bandwidth for a smooth, uninterrupted video stream).

The A8-7670K is priced at about $117.99 USD (around ₹7,500). It is available at select e-tailers and hardware vendors.

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