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7 Best VR Adult Games currently available for Valve Index Headset

7 Best VR Adult Games currently available for Valve Index Headset

The Valve Index Headset is taking the market by storm and it’s no surprise. It’s a great system that’s all in one and created for Steam, so you never have to worry about compatibility. It opens up a whole new world of VR adult games that you can play anytime you want. It’s easy to use and it lets you enjoy total immersion that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else. Here are 7 of the best VR porn games that you could be playing on the Index right now.

Koikatsu Party

No list of VR porn games would ever be complete without Koikatsu Party. This is a game that lets you create your perfect Waifu girl and have your way with her however you want. It’s considered to be the ultimate anime girl creator and there’s a very good reason for that. You have tons of options when it comes to how she looks and what you can do to her.

Custom Maid 3D 2

Custom Maid 3D 2 lets you take over an entire venue and run it exactly how you want. You get to design the maids that work there in every aspect possible. That means choosing their hair style, clothes, and even their body shape. Once you do that, you get to design your custom lounge where your customers can relax and play with them.

VR Paradise

You don’t have to go out to a strip club when you can just call one up on your headset. VR Paradise is a fully functional club for adults with multiple stages and more than enough strippers to keep you entertained. You can watch them dance on their own or you can call them over for a lap dance. Best of all, you can customize each one so she looks exactly like your fantasies before you grope her.

Honey Select

Honey Select is just how it sounds. You can select several different customization options to create the girl that’s perfect for you. They even take it all a step further by fully voicing their characters. You can pick the voice that you like the best and listen to all the things they have to say to you. On top of that, the characters will also change their personalities based on your decisions.


VirtAMate might just be one of the best VR porn games out there. It’s beautifully rendered and the characters just couldn’t look more real. Where it really shines is with the physics. Everything from hair to boobs moves and jiggles in such a realistic way that you can’t really tell it apart from the real thing. The customization is so deep that you recreate anyone that you want with no trouble at all and that brings VR to a whole new level.

VR Kanojo

VR Kanojo lets you feel like you’re really dating a virtual girl and it does it extremely well. You can choose from a whole list of different outfits for her to wear before you interact with her. Then it’s all a matter of saying the right things so you can engage in a little bit of adult fun with her.

Cat Girl Playroom

Finally, there’s Cat Girl Playroom. This is a game that lets you spend your time in a waifu’s bedroom to really get to know her. You can move all of her stuff around until you get her clothes off for some fun. The character is also fully voiced so you never have to miss out on any of that important immersion.

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