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5 Top Graphics Card Brands [Unveiled]

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Gamers know the importance of hardware, and the most important piece of hardware for any gamer is the graphics card. When making the choice for a graphics card, there are many important concepts to understand such as the different hardware specifications like clock speed along with memory type. A significant part of understanding if you are getting a great graphics card is seeing who is bringing the card to market. Therefore, having a trusted brand is very important. All graphics cards essentially perform the same function, but the brand association conveys lots of different unspoken values. For example, when weighing processors manufactured by AMD vs Nvidia the values of each brand will affect the consumer’s decision.

Importance of a Good Graphics Card Brand

For brands, there is great importance to having their name associated with positive qualities. Think of other, more established industries. Would you want a refrigerator that’s a Frigidaire or a fridge from “Joe’s Refrigeration?” The reality is people choose the former because it is a brand with recognition for being reliable about keeping temperature regulated for preserving food. Graphics cards are the same, the big brands carry weight and allow gamers to feel comfortable about building their computers with these components. Since these components cost a few hundred dollars, it makes it doubly important to have equipment you can trust.

Here are some of the top graphics card brands.


This brand of graphic card manufacturer is known for making high performance graphics cards that use both AMD and Nvidia graphics processing. One of the best features of their best graphics cards is the cooling system that is very quiet. Unlike other graphics systems, this system doesn’t have the background noise of the fans that could impede gaming. Because this is such a well-known brand, you can easily find their hardware anywhere.


This company only makes graphics cards with Nvidia processors. One of the reasons that gamers enjoy Zotac is they get a lot of performance out of what is a relatively inexpensive graphics card. Many of their cards are on the low-cost end. That said, low cost shouldn’t have you worrying about performance. One of the best things about this brand is while they’re not as big as some of the others, this lowers costs to customers. Though you may have to search a little more, it is worth the time spent looking.


There are many reasons to trust American-made products, and the high-standards and costs associated with production in the USA make cards produced by PNY a bit more difficult to find. The lack of production is offset by the exclusive partnership with Nvidia. PNY doesn’t just make graphic cards either – they make a bunch of different components. For many folks, having a product that is made in the USA is worth the search, and these cards deliver excellent performance even if you have to spend time looking for them.


XFX was known for working with Nvidia but has recently signed an exclusivity agreement with AMD. These graphics cards are widely available and have a reputation for excellent performance. There are a range of options with these graphics cards, and it is very easy for folks to find the right graphics card for whatever their need is. With high availability and reliable performance, these graphics cards have earned a great reputation for the brand.


This Hong Kong-based manufacturer is notable for the many different components they produce for all parts of the computer. Instead of specializing in one area, AFOX has worked on being a place where folks can get everything they need for their computer. While this has an effect of making their components a bit less impressive than brands that specialize in one area, the benefit to this type of company is that it keeps the cost to the gamer down while offering them an array of products that can be used to build a good gaming pc on a budget.


Most folks know this brand from their success in making computers, but Asus also produces graphics cards. These cards run on both AMD and Nvidia graphic processors. Because Asus is a big company, it is easy to find their products and the costs are kept relatively low for the gamer. The downside is the company’s mass production doesn’t allow for more specialized and customized items to get to the market the way it would for a more boutique graphics card manufacturer.


In terms of popularity, this company’s footprint in the American market is unmatched. EVGA graphics cards are used by many American gamers. If you’re looking for these cards and you’re outside of the United States, they are difficult to find. There are plenty of different gaming cards offered, and the good news is you can get AMD or Nvidia graphic processors on whatever graphics card is appropriate for your build.


This company has an exclusive agreement with AMD, and it makes many graphics cards that are outfitted with AMD Radeon processors. What’s even better about Sapphire is the wide selection. Whether you are looking for a high-end graphics card or just want something that will do a basic job, this company has everything for you, and their stuff is quite easy to find.


There are many different brands that you can trust for your graphics card needs. The reality is before selecting a graphics card, check out what your computer is actually built to handle along with what the games require. For gamers who are building their own systems, budget usually has something to do with the selection. There are many cards that are made by companies that work specifically in this hardware niche, while others have built up a reputation for reliability by producing other hardware besides graphics cards. Whenever selecting, be sure the card you want is available in a good price. Many times, cards that are harder to find cost more due to their scarcity. There is rarely a benefit to choosing a graphics card that’s harder to find and more expensive with the same specs as a graphics card that’s readily available.

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