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5 Things You Must Try With Your Sony PlayStation PSVR


Although the world of virtual reality is not new to Sony PlayStation users, the recently released PlayStation 5 is equipped with all that is needed to push the world of gaming to a whole other level! Its improvement in gameplay and virtual reality- known as the PSVR- is one aspect that shows how ready it is to put up with this challenge. With the VR battle brewing amongst the brands like Microsoft’s Xbox, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and Valve, Sony is bent on transforming the way you game and changing your perspective on entertainment altogether! We have created a list of five things you must try with your Sony PlayStation PSVR.

Create A Dynamic Movie Experience 


The last year has been pretty slow for the cinematic universe. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the closure of many public centers, such as movie theatres. Even though there were great movies all year, watching movies at home would not create the same excitement. This is where your PSVR is a great tool to have. You can use the cinematic mode of your PSVR to create an incredible movie experience. Streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix are also eager to make their content available for PSVR streaming to create a desirable binge-watching experience. Adult content hasn’t been left out either. Adult-themed video platforms such as BaDoinkVR entertain in virtual reality to add a little spice to this form of entertainment and set it apart from traditional streaming sites.  

Explore The World From One Place


Just like the movie theatres, COVID-19 has also put a halt to traveling and exploring. With all the museum and art tours you had planned to take, it is quite saddening that you do not know when you would be able to do all that you had planned. However, many of these museums understand that you want to explore their hallways, art, and beauty. This is why they have put up virtual tours. With your PSVR, you can enjoy these places as though you are actually there! You can walk down aisles of art from various parts of the world, yet, you would be safe and sound in the comfort of your home. Now, that’s a win-win worth getting into. 

Bring Your Games To Life!

Yes, gaming takes you to a whole dimension, and a whole new world. Well, with the PlayStation, you can live out your games and characters, almost literally. That’s because games made for PSVR are more interactive. With the accompanying gear, the camera angles change when your head moves. When you reach out to touch something, you see your hand do the same thing in the game too. New games such as The Hitman III, Vader Immortal, The Walking Dead: Onslaughter, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, are a few of many you can look forward to experiencing. Even more cool is that you do not have to buy VR games to enjoy the virtual reality of being in a game. You can also experience games you already own in a new way. Games such as 100ft Robot Golf have been updated with VR features to give you a unique, almost realistic feel to the games you love, with a different approach.  

Share Your Favourite Worlds With Your Friends


While you enjoy your world of virtual reality, you should not forget to include your friends. Sony has a feature known as the “Social Mode.” This particular feature encourages you to share your favourite virtual reality worlds with your friends. You and your friends can create a dream team and go on adventures in your virtual world. Or, perhaps you would like some friendly competition? Using the Social Mode on your PSVR would help you connect with your friends for a friendly match. 

Compatible With Other Consoles


Rather surprisingly, you can use your PSVR with other consoles such as your PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, or Xbox One games. The cinematic mode on your PSVR works with any video that comes from the HDMI cable. This means that once the HDMI IN cable is switched from your PlayStation to another console, you can make PSVR compatible with any console with an HDMI OUT port. Now, you can experience games in virtual reality and enjoy several others beyond what Sony offers. 


As you can see, Sony’s PlayStation PSVR offers the user more than just a fancy gadget for games. You should take advantage of its features, invest in one if you haven’t already. 


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